Innovation and progress are the keywords of 2020 of the most controversial clothing brand in the universe of Milanese trends, which today aims to repeat itself during the coming summer.

It interprets, through shapes and colors, the yearnings of the new generations blocked by the current health situation, who will soon be free to vent their creative drive again.

The “Suspended generation” SS20 collection is conceived by the designer as the natural evolution of season 19.

Without a doubt, the main theme is the “trip”, understood as freedom, escape from a monotonous life: breaking everyday life, sometimes, leading to excess!

The artist’s creative scenario draws inspiration from the USA, through films and books that marked the end of the century. Fascinating him and becoming the guiding thread of his works.

Welcome to Las Formy!

This is the billboard that tells us that we have finally entered the parallel reality created by Domenico Formichetti’s mind. It almost seems to have been catapulted into a video game, into a world, which has been deprived of the joie de vivre. Only the delusion of the absurd graphics and the galvanized buttons can free us from the chains that hold us in this suspended condition. Butterflies turn into big black bats, while juggling skeletons give us magical moments on the way to hell.

Formy is told through the words of the most famous songs played in Woodstock, interpreting them with bright colors, marbling and psychedelic animations. Manicale is the search for detail, the glasses are the maximum proof.

The inspiring themes were “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas“, “Woodstock” with its classic psychedelic style and finally, but not least, metropolitan pop culture. Substantiated in basketball courts and skateparks in urban suburbs.

fomo srl – Via Boccaccio 7 – 20123 Milano

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