Riots are spreading around. People are tired and always more angry.

We are living an Era of changes.
Formy studio is going to present its own mosh pit, its own riot against the canons of fashion. Skulls heads represent our thoughts, our deeper fears.

The stark Black-on-gray line drawing conjures up so much mystery. Back in the pre-Covid days, information about Formy studio was sparse: the brand’s name did not appear on the street and there was no way any photos of the clothes would appear on a newspaper.

An air of mystery grew up around the Sonic Youth winter collection.
What did the enigmatic waveform symbolise? Was it a heartbeat?
Was it a mathematical analysis of something sinister?
Was it the cosmic scream of a dying star?
Or was it just the sound wave of those terrifying syn-drums that swamp the Sick Luke track intro?

Answer: none of the above. Although one suggestion was close.
In simple terms, the image is a “stacked plot” of the radio emissions given out by a pulsar, a “rotating neutron star”.
Originally named CP 1919, the pulsar was discovered in November 1967 by student Jocelyn Bell Burnell and her supervisor Antony Hewish at Cambridge University.

As the star turns, it emits electromagnetic radiation in a beam like a lighthouse, which can be picked up by radio telescopes.
Each line on the image is an individual pulse. They’re not exactly the same each time as they’re travelling a long way across the universe and interference gets in the way.


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