Vices are typically associated with bad behaviours. They are all around us.

Vices are keeping our eyes open.
Vices: we are always fighting with them.
Vices: we can’t live without you.

Is this the last ride or just the beginning of a new story?

Image a land outside the atmosphere, a land where we can control the gravity of our bodies, a land where vices and virtues overlaps perfectly.

Bipolar disorder causes personalities overlap. Formy Studio’s special items embodies this psychological state through the Knight of Shadows and the Mad Hatter, two exquisitely crazy pieces of Alice’s in Wonderland pie.

The new Formy studio’s hoodie reveals us the designer vision of vices and virtues, which are not to be considered as two distinct behaviours but rather as the same behaviour looked from a different perspective.

The space-skeleton knight is going out for a walk carrying something with him. His name is Apollo, one of the twelve olimpians, and is starting his daily trip to move the sun all over the galaxy.

He glows in the dark as a lighthouse and he can strike at your heart with his golden arrow.

Only those who will be able to live in a world where everyone could wear a pair of black or white sox will be safe… to everyone else, we just say “F**k U”.


fomo srl – Via Boccaccio 7 – 20123 Milano

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